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Cool N Nagayama Minami added to JP Regular Student scouting

New Aqours “Halloween (Part 2)” themed cards added to JP Honor Student scouting

Takami Chika Pure SR “誘惑いっぱい

Kurosawa Dia Smile SR “魔除けのお菓子

Watanabe You Cool SR “お化けと一緒♪

Ohara Mari Cool SSR “シャイニーハロウィン

Kunikida Hanamaru Smile UR “迷い火

puppetinthedark inquired:
What cards are you voting for the 3D model contest?

Thank you for asking!! :D Sorry for how long this took to answer, I didn’t fi nish deciding until today! It was surprisingly hard to choose. You have to think more about the outfit than the card itself, and then even your favorite outfits might not look the best for a formation dance. Some of these I’m really passionate about, others are just kinda  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Honoka: Idol Costume ♥ It’s not really that I’m big on this outfit, but rather…I just feel like the “Idol Costume” set is perfect for Honoka all in all. From these outfits being used in the last chapter of the µ’s main story as well as what she says in her side story, it just seems right for Honoka. Watch her side story here! I know she’s supposed to be talking to the self-insert player character, but it seems like a message to all µ’s fans to me. 

Eli: Ball Gown ♥ I’m really drawn in by alternate hairstyles, but I love Eli’s hair down especially! I knew I had to vote for a card where she has her hair down, and this card is one of my all time favorites. The outfit itself is so beautiful! I’m really not sure how it’ll translate onto a 3DCG model (will the big dress be ok?), but if they weren’t willing to make it she wouldn’t have been in the vote!!

Kotori: Job V2 ♥ Job V2 is probably one of my o verall favorite µ’s sets. I love all of the cards from there, but I felt that most wouldn’t have had a great chance of winning other than the URs. This Kotori is super cute, and she was one of the first cards I idolized when seal idolization was implemented. The outfit is super cute too! I love the cap and the gold trim on her skirt. 


Umi: Marine ♥ Since my all time favorite Umi card (Job V2) doesn’t really stand a chance, I figured I’d go with something that might be able to actually win! This card has so much fun energy. It’s great to see Umi having fun!! The outfit is really fun and lively as well besides the shoes, but more than any thing Umi is just perfect for a marine theme.

Rin: Flower Bouquet ♥ I fell in love with this set when it was released!! Rin looks way too cute, and the colors are perfect on her. More than anything though, I love the big flowers on her headband. She looks so adorable!! The stockings for this whole set are also great!

Maki: March/Flower Viewing ♥ My other favorite Maki card (Initial UR) was not available for voting, so I figured I’d go with this one even if it’s not likely to win. This card has always been a favorite of mine! Maki looks great as the rose of µ’s, the deep red colors of her dress are perfect on her. You can also see that she’s wearing a rose necklace that’s tied in the back with a ribbon. Honestly, I’d love to see what this outfit looks like from the front.


Nozomi: China Dress ♥ My love for alternate hairstyles won out again!! I absolutely love Nozomi’s braids!! The outfit itself isn’t my favorite, though it’s super cute too. I won’t be too bummed if this one doesn’t end up winning, but I really hope that whatever Nozomi card does win has an alternate hairstyle.

Hanayo: March/Flower Viewing ♥ A very cute card! It was really especially hard to pick for Hanayo, considering she’s always way too cute and I love all of her cards. I chose this one because it seems like it’d be easier to dance in than something like Taisho Roman, and sakura pink really suits her ♥♥♥♥♥ I will be happy no matter what wins for Hanayo though!! I really look forward to seeing her CG dance in any outfit!

Nico: February/Valentine ♥ The Valentine 2014 set is one of my all time favorites! It seems to not be very popular, but the outfits are absolutely adorable. This is one of my favorite Nico looks overall, it even managed to beat out all of her various double bun cards. The pink and red color scheme suits her so well!


Chika: Valentine ♥ I don’t really have a super strong investment in this one, I just think the Aqours Valentine costumes are adorable and Chika looks especially cute in hers. Having the mikan (her personal symbol!) on the skirt is an especially good touch. 

Riko: Wonderland ♥ I love my braid Riko!! She looks fantastic here. In addition to her alte rnate hairstyle, she’s also wearing PANTS (!!!